Saturday, August 23, 2008


Why doesn't anything last forever
Why does it have to end,
We only get memories to savor
When every moment takes a bend..
Why can't we always smile
Why do we have to be sad,
We only get a fake happy profile
When every moment ceases to be rad..
Why don't people always care
Why is it always a momentary act,
We only just get a moment to spare
When we are forced into the friendship pact..
Why don't we get the love we want
Why do we have to live in pain,
We only get our fakeness to flaunt
When it is what is left to make us feel sane..
Why don't we a get a harmonious long life
Why do we always have to be tied to this buckle,
We only get to relive the strife
When life comes back a full circle....

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