Thursday, August 21, 2008


There are so many people around
Some we call foes and others friends,
Yet there's always a similar kind of sound
Not a voice distinct and no different blends..
Everyone defines a new relation
The promises made are varied and different,
Yet they fall into the same classification
The implementation of all promises is so coherent..
The insides of our souls we bare
Thinking we know them too well,
But it is all a spout of momentary care
The problems are not theirs' to dwell..
We want to know them inside out
Just like they know us at the end of the day,
But they just don't want to leave a doubt
So they take your soul and walk away..
These are the people we call our friends
Foes these days are just not required,
Cause when we end up tying all the loose ends
We find friends are such that are certainly not desired...

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