Friday, August 7, 2015


The day got off to a very lazy start, as he shed off the last shreds of the tearing nightmare he'd been sleeping on, and with a shaky head, stepped out of his bed, and got into his routine of getting ready for the day ahead. It was blistering hot outside, and it seemed to him that even the Sun was a part of the conspiracy that the entire universe was busy hatching against him. The breeze around could well replace a blow-drier with its immense heat. A mangled mind, sultry weather, the boredom of doing nothing, a weak heart- the ingredients of the most dismal concoction that could exist at that moment on the surface of earth. As he went ahead to meet his friends, just to make the time machinery work fast on the day at hand, he was very conscious of the smile he had to wear on his face. Nothing it seemed could turn around the tide of events that were taking place so randomly in his life, his surf board was almost under the ocean of water, and drowning was imminent. There he stood lost in his own thoughts, when a random noise made him look up. He looked up into a sight he had beheld for so many days now, the sight that made his heart beat a billion times faster, the most beautiful portrait he'd ever seen, the smile that could brighten the dullest of colors. As she walked with her hair worn loose, without a string to strangle the life out of them, all the premonitions housed in his mind lost their footing. The air which had seemed so prickly earlier now was a gentle breeze playing with the loose hair, the sun that had seemed so harsh, was now lost in the oblivion of the dazzling smile. It was as though even the harshest of the universe's evils were not able to seep through her tender beauty, they just faded into their own insignificance. The mind was cleared of its negativity, and it was a moment that made life look positive in every sense of the word to him. It was in this moment that he believed in hope once again, he trusted God once more because his angel was in front of his eyes, it was in this moment that he forgot every other feeling that could exist. The surf-board was back on the surface, the rising ocean tide was receding, the ugly world was turning into a gorgeous master-piece. It was the moment when he saw and felt what love was.