Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Day...

Another typical day in my journey..
Another one minus the bliss,
Am still holding on to the edge..
Hanging on the precipice,
No one around to care..
None missing me each moment,
Yet I miss them so much..
It's as though I can feel the scent,
No one to think I matter..
None for whom I'd be special,
Yet for me every thought is fresh..
Living every past moment is essential,
No one to believe I can do it..
None for whom only I'd be,
Yet for my feelings..
They could only be,
No one for whom I'm the only one..
None for whom I define love,
Yet my heart beats on..
It tries to defy every shove,
No one to finish the pain..
None to wipe off the tears,
Yet my eyes don't give up..
They are determined to flood the fears....

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