Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Feeling That Is...

The feeling comes back to haunt you
no matter how far away you try to run,
It goes down and rises again
never failing once just like the Sun..
You try to shut it out
try to become immune to it,
And yet it infects you again
making you sick to the pit..
You try to ward it off
try to make time a scapegoat,
And yet it knocks you off your feet again
making you realize you're sailing in that same boat..
You try to pass it by
try to follow yur own way,
And yet it blows you off
making you it's companion n again back into it you sway..
You try to let it go
try to shake it off your soul,
And yet it clings onto you
making you act as it wants just like a ghastly ghoul..
You try to close your eyes
try to figure out how to escape the feeling that you seek,
And yet it strengthens in your heart
making you realize what it is and moistening yur cheek....

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