Thursday, April 11, 2013

Once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon,
You come across somebody in your life,
Someone who makes you laugh,
Someone who makes you cry.
Someone who talks to you,
Someone who hears you out.
Someone who will care for you,
Someone who will shed a tear for you.
Someone who holds your hand,
Someone who sets you free.
Someone who likes you for your imperfections,
Someone who doesnt change you on the pretext of perfection.
Someone with whom you can be yourself,
Someone who will make you love yourself.
And then you have to make that blue moon last forever,
Cause that someone is someone who makes you who you are,
That someone completes you,
That someone makes life beautiful,
That someone makes you believe that love does exist.


Arpit Rastogi said...

Bada romantic ho ra hai bambe! :)


Amitej Kalra said...

arrey romantic to humesha hi hote hain rasto meri jaan... :P