Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lost in Translation...

I was waiting there by the roadside,
Looking at the people passing me by,
The lady with the shrilly voice,
The small kid selling balloons.
And then i saw her,
Fixated by the beauty,
The gaze turned to a stare,
The masterpiece that God painted.
The eyes held my stare,
Mesmerizing me,
Taking me into the ethereal,
A world that could only exist there.
The face so bright,
The moon faded into the darkness,
The stars lost their gleam,
The world yet shined in my eyes.
The smile was a drug,
Killed the sad and the pain,
It filled me with happiness,
Filled the world with joy.
There was something about this girl,
That could make life so simple,
That could make the problems disappear,
That could make you dream when awake.
I tried to tell her how i felt,
Yet there were no words,
There was no sound,
The heart and mind were still in awe.
I tried to hug her,
Yet i could not move,
Afraid of waking up from a dream,
Betrayal of my own heart.
And then she walked away,
The dream ceased to exist,
The world lost its beauty,
The heart lost its purpose.
The people started moving again,
The stars and moon shone,
The shrilly voice was heard again,
The balloon was still being sold.


Seththewhizkid said...

Brilliant! One of your best I would say.. Its a request.. Start appreciating your own work for a change.. :P I cant even think of writing such a magnificent piece.. :) Kudos!

kasmandapalace said...

nice poem

amitej kalra said...

thanks... :):)...

Anonymous said...

indeed its a very nice read !!

amitej kalra said...

thank you... :)