Saturday, February 14, 2009

One-sided Love Affair...

The day starts with the same lazy drift
As another sleepless night passes by,
The cloud just does not want to lift
Inspite of the drought it makes me cry.

I spend the whole day thinking about her
Fantasizing a world that's decorated by her beauty,
She spends her's such that I'm not hers to incur
As though I'm out of bounds in her life's duty.

I search for any moment we can use to talk
She's got hardly any time to waste on me,
Even at that moment its just silence that i get to stalk
Her world is centered on my letting her be.

I care for her from the bottom of my heart
Her smile lights up the entire universe,
The pity is in the insignificance of my part
For her its nothing so for me its a curse.

Sometimes I feel she wants to say something
She wants me like I want her to be mine,
Yet I know its just a sweet little nothing
It's my own desire thats hallucinating this incline.

She tells me a good person I am
I try to keep her happy and for her I care,
To her its just another obligation of sham
But to me it's just a sad one-sided love affair.

1 comment:

Seththewhizkid said...

Man..bravo!!,this is something thats priceless,written from the heart..every word is pure and every word is true..perfect in everyway,bro, I really loved it..n I just hope(I really hope)..that she reads this..I really do!!!..