Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm standing in the middle of this desert, searching for any sign of life, all hope that I ever had, being thwarted by the dusty wind very very slowly, an inch at a time. It's as though nature is playing a game, enjoying to see me being helpless so much that she's vowed to make me more and more helpless with every passing second. I search all around, looking for a sip of water to quench my ever growing thirst, that slowly rises to a new level, and finally gives way to fear.
I want to drink water and give a new lease to my thirsty throat, I want to breathe fresh air that isn't impregnated with sand, I want to talk to someone and find a companion for my journey, yet I'm doomed it seems to the loneliness of this desert, the thirst of my desire not meant to be quenched, no oasis to be found anywhere on the horizon, and I'm overcome by fear.
The fear of dying here, in the middle of this huge desert, inconspicuous to the entire world, ready to be lost within the arms of the desert, just another ordinary lonely grain of sand with the thought of a mirage of expectations, that ceases to exist.

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