Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Love Tragedy

I lay down again to sleep
with a tear in my eye,
Another day of trying passes
the heart still refuses to bid goodbye.
The moments are so alive
we are happy n cheerful together,
No worries bout the world
we are so into each other.
And then the whole scene changes
as though one glimpse of an illusion it was,
She's happy without me
n my love's fighting for a lost cause.
I see her going out with someone else
I fake a smile n hide my emotions,
Although my soul is betraying me
it seems it has it's own devotions.
I acn't see her with another guy
my heart with immense pain is seering,
The love doesn't die out
neither shows any sign of disappearing.
I want this to end
I want to be free,
But it seems I'm bound to to this pain
as though my destiny has written this decree.
I'm screaming my voice hoarse for help
there's no one to free me from this unrest,
I'm all alone staring at my disdainful fate
That's when I get up n the tears are flowing out like a tempest....


seththewhizkid said...

Its too too good buddy..really was like you just wrote all the feelings inside your heart..well written..and rest i'll discuss in!!..

priyanka said...

it's toooooo good..looks like th poet poured his heart out :-)
truly amazing..strikes a chord!!!